ADHD problems and solutions with learning


This post will be a quick one about personal frustrations from ADHD and how I try to solve them.

Here is a link with some common ADHD symptoms

Forgetting things often

This is a common one for ADHD. Best thing that helps me is to schedule EVERYTHING in a planner or calendar. I use google calendar and use reminders all the time and schedule out everything else I can so when I plan things I can consult my calendar to not lap over things I already have planned.

My Google calendar

Not having motivation to do what you wanna do

If you haven’t already taken your meds for the day a thing that helps me is to get started doing what I need to do, like homework or work work, and then take my meds while already invested in what I need to be doing. That way they kick in and you’re already in it.

Mood swings?

Back off of a situation if it’s frustrating you. Typically delving into something more while it’s getting to you will only make things worse so I try to take breaks often and keep my mood up when working on long projects.

I’m sure I’ll think of more of these as time goes on and maybe update this post. Thanks for reading!


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